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I recently read a study online that anal fluids have a very high level of HIV.  I was wondering, wound't that significantly increase the risk of rimming?  I know that rimming is extremely low risk, but reading this study kind of freaked me out.  I was in a LTR for about year, actually on and off for a year.  While we NEVER had unprotected anal, I always wore a condom and thanks to Ann's llink - I always put in on right - with tons of lube - never a break, slip or tear.  But I did rim him a reading that study (Dr. K on San Fran City site also cites the study) it has me a bit freaked.   To that end, I also sucked him a lot - but never had ejaculation in my mouth - actually, have never had anyone ejaculate in my mouth - just precum.

Just thought I would ask since the experts on here are so up to date on the studies and was wondering if I should indeed be concerned with this sexual act.

Thanks everyone - best.

Matty the Damned:

Is this your first and only thread in Am I Infected? Coz if it's not you should confine yourself to your original thread. It's all explained in the Welcome Thread.

(Who would search but is way too lazy)

Sorry, I did.  But I didn't know since it was a different topic based on a study if I should have placed in my previous post.  Sorry, I will repost in the original topic.


Actually, your previous posts were in someone else's thread, so starting your own thread for your own topic was perfectly acceptable. Please keep your own questions in this thread. Thanks.

(Matty, you can click on someone's user name and then click on the "show posts" link to find out what the score is. That's what I do... ;) )

Now for your question. Rimming is not a risk for hiv infection due to the antiviral properties of saliva.

The presence of hiv in anal fluids is a concern, but only for the unprotected (penile) insertive partner. In other words, this is how a top would get infected when not using condoms.

Just keep using those condoms and you'll be fine.


Thanks, Ann.  I guess when I saw that study that good old anxiety starting coming back.   As mentioned - I like to rim, and perform oral on my male partners (never to completion) and ALWAYS have protected anal. Have a serodiscordant relationship, too.  Which I did those acts.   I always to try to remember your tagline saying about using condoms for anal and vaginal sex and you're fine - its that simple.   Damn, those words I say to myself so often and they try and help me through times when I think..hmm...was that risky?


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