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Some of y'all might remember name that Husky I saved

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Such a wonderful story Trai,

My Kaiser (German Shephard) was on his way to be destroyed about the same time I was rejected by our society for having AIDS.  I had left the back door open and went back to bed he came running up jumped up on the bed.  I said Hey Hi you!  He has been with me for 8 years.

I took him to the neighborhood dog groomer that first day, they knew him.  He was in a studio apartment with 8 crystal meth people, was never fed, vocal cords had been cut, you could see every bone in his body.  He is bigger than the passenger seat of the car so when we take long road trips, I modify the seat to make room.  Have the best day

Love the pictures of Bandit and Baby Gurl. 

But who rescued who?  It looks to me like Bandit is one happy puppy!  A beautiful little sister and a handsome master.  It's a nice family.  YOu do have a lot to be proud of


T Rai,

This is a great post.  Very inspiring.  And yes, we do remember your own beautiful transformation!  You guys definitely belong together.


T Rai,

I loved reading your post...........very INSPIRING!  Animals do play such an important part in our lives.  Thanks so much for your story!


what beautiful eyes she has


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