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Some of y'all might remember name that Husky I saved

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Andy Velez:
T Rai, my older son adopted an abused stray about three years ago. He's done an amazing job with Luna and she's gone from being fearful and skittish to having a wonderful life.

It's such an up to see her romping and playing and knowing that at one time she had been abused and was living on the street with a short life span likely. Now she is loved and cared for and having a grand old time.

When she's really excited like when he brings her to visit me, she does a rapid circle dance and is totally in heaven having both of her main guys together with her. We spent Father's Day with her in two last Sunday, mountain climbing, tossing a stick into a lake for her to fetch and me sneaking her dog yummies in the car.

A perfect example of how life can get turned around a good way.

Cheers for you and your big ol' dawgs,

She is beautiful. You saved each other. I have 4 rescues, and I love watching them play and romp around the yard. And on days that I am not feeling well, it is a reason for me to get out of bed, and focus on something other than me. It is also amazing to watch another dog teach the new dog the rules of the house. Thanks for sharing her.


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