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Some of y'all might remember name that Husky I saved

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It has been a long long time since I brought her up....but as I sit here watching my older husky rescue and the young most they are fighting.  Huskies play very rough.  Remembe she was so abused she was scaird of her own shawdow, or even the slightest noise.  Well she has turned out to be a husky with lots of patience, work, and overlooking accidents etc. Just a lot of work from me and my fabulous best friend who lives with me in Atlanta.

She is still scared of strangers but gets curious about them.  This will take more time.  She has finally shed that nasty coat she had and replaced it with a fur coat Saks Fith Avenue would be proud to sell.

The name I finally settled on was Baby Gurl....her older step brother is Bandit.  And he has been busy teaching her many things....from how to open how to how to steal food from me...not so sure on all that...but oh well.  However she is totally my dog when I am here.  She stays under my feet and looks to me for approval unless she is busy playing with Bandit.

Anyhow...this is not all about her....I can see the reflection of far she has come and how far I have come.  It is simply fucking ( excuse my language) amazing.  I was this almost broken person 2 years ago, same as she was about a year ago when I saved her.  At the time...I could not even feed myself....much less my other husky...then I added another one.  The joy she has brought not to just me but my other husky and my best friend.  And to watch her blossom and move past all of her past abuses...well most of them...still working on little bit...but every day it is now moving forward.  At first it seem one step forward 3 steps back.  Yes I said 3 steps. 

If she can overcome.....I know I can.

T Rai

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She is beautiful. I am glad to hear you are doing so well.
In the following website you can see dogs and cats for adoption. Just click on "animales en adopcion" and then on perros=gogs or gatos=cats.
Hope you enjoy it. The website in trilingual Spanish/German/English

Aw T Rai, what a touching post. Thanks for sharing that.


What a beautiful animal...Gorgeous blue eyes.

I adopted a yorkiepoo that had been mistreated. Ive had her 3 yrs and shes still a little skittish but she is a

cutie. Have 2 other dogs, a german Shepherd that weighs over 100 lbs and a mutt, and the little dog is the

boss. Its funny to watch her and the other dogs. Its like the other dogs knew and they just put up with her

to build up her self esteem.


Oh I should mention some people here will remember when this whole HIV issue led me to loseing my job, to being just one short step from be homeless, to an amazing be very active in the EMA here in Atlanta, to going back to what I love doing...being a flight attendant. 

At the time when I took her in, it was only temporary as I could not afford to feed myself, however my dog (which became 2) I would take care of first....

anyhow you can find lots of pictures of them on my website... at  Under the photo Album Bandit and Baby Gurl


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