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should I be worried

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Thanks Christine,
My very first thought when we've got to live with HIV is that we already lived for five, or six years, and that, maybe, we've got younger kid when he was almost a whole year poz... So, I was a bit relaxed since we already lived with it...

Andy Velez:
Tashana, that's a good way to look at it. You had already made it through the big early hurdle of having HIV in your lives without even realizing it.


Thanks Andy, it means me a lot. A little education, more talks and a lot of good wishes for who do we love, should be enough for everything in our life, including this...

water duck:
At the end of the day, it is FEAR that we must due with !!

My BF intelligence did not permit him to go beyond that , i thought that with him speaking five languages and all the books he read could save the day........................
.......................he left when i disclose to him !!

Does your love permit you to look and go  beyond FEAR ??

Don't forget an important thing. I have two kids with my loving, dear and positive husband!!!! Sorry for telling this, but after what I have found six month ago, I'm not sure that I would stay with him if there is no kids. You and your BF probably had a nice relationship before you have told him. But, except love, which is the state of our body chemistry, there is no other things betwine you two. He has opportunities. Fear is.... stronger feeling than love. We love somebody because we do feel good with him. Fear? Fear protect us to stay alive....

So, what I want to tell you, get your nose up!!! Look at the bright side of life!!! Your ex-BF is not the only person who you can love and live with!!!!!
You will find somebody who will understand you. And love you. And maybe not speak five languages, but, who cares about it!!! Now, when this was happend, we all find out WHAT is the most important thing in our life. To stay alive. To be nice to each other. To give, and to get a smile. You must be strong. Don't be angry with ex-BF. Don't be disappointed. I'm sure that, somewhere in his heart he still feels love for you. I just hope, that he will not find a true, some day, in a hard way...being +.....


P.S. Don't forget to write when you foll in love again!!! ;)))


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