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should I be worried

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Me again,
Must tell you something more. I do love my man. I do have kids with him. We did have a lot of very bad days before. Writting to you an hour before, I said I would probably leave him if there is no kids. But...
I wouldn't. That's the true. He is my friend. He knows me completely. He can make me mad and totally crease with some words, but... who is perfect. Me? No, you can be sure I'm far away of that... I'm just AWARE of that. And I'm not afraid to say this. And not afraid to start again, and again, and again, all over again, whatever is meter... Only if I can see the reason to stay, I stay. And, with kids, or without kids, I see the reason to stay wit my hubby. There is also something. After 16 years we have spend together, I don't have to sleep with him to love him. I just need him near by. This is all.

water duck:
Must tell you something more. I do love my man.

NOW you are talking, wondering when you will be coming to this !!

Oh no no , not fear , whatever i fear , came true !!
'Fear protect us to stay alive'  ; maybe , but , i prefer LOVE AND HOPE
For in love's care , we grow and in HOPE bright light we blossom !!

PS : my mention of the five languages is to place where his IQ is , it is by no means meant to be condescending !! i am not angry or disappointed with him, just very very sad. You know dear, what my dilemma is ?? well, it is the day when he decided to come back into my life !! will i be strong enough to take him back !! GOD help me to love again.

Well, you have made me  :-[ .
But, as I've said before, nobody's perfect. Not even me  ;) .

Good luck to you, I hope I'll talk five language one day  ;) . Since than, please, stay close and reply!!!  :)


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