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Shawn Decker:
I'm off to witness Miss Virginia this weekend.  My wife and I are avid followers of the sport in which she once competed.  (Hey, "AIDS Awareness" was her platform/social issue!)

Is anyone else into this?  The drama, the intrigue?

If so, did anyone catch Mrs. World?  If not, search for it on your Tivo and watch the last 15 minutes.

ummm Pagents?  I'd rather watch Eurovision.  Oh wait, I did watch Eurovision. 

Eurovision 2006 Latvia "I Hear Your Heart" Cosmos

oh please make it stop.  please.

BTW- I hate to burst your bubble, but Miss Virginia's gonna lose to Miss Texas.  Miss Texas is always in the finals (umm, don't quote me on that).  She always give 110%.

P.S.- Miss World is kinda clumsy isn't she....


people are funny.

Shawn Decker:
Thanks for the links, Cliff!

Mrs. World was incredible.  It took place in Russia, Alan Thicke hosted, and Mrs. Russia (a 19 year old "dancer" married to one of the most powerful men in the land) won.  When she was announced, the 1st runner-up was crowned accidentally, and they had to reshoot the finale.

Oh, and I survived Miss Virginia.  Barely!


Shawn and all this time I thought you were straight.

Hal ;D


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