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NEED HELP - Website for tracking our numbers?

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I remember reading on this forum a website that people use to help track their CD4 and VL numbers.

I cant find the post....

Anyone have a great website to help us track our progress?

Staying Positive about being Positive

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The cool tools!


Thanks Milker !!!!!

I appreciate it.

It's a great, free site for testing all sorts of tests we have to have (or may have to have!) -- beyond just VL and CD4.

Perhaps I'm an old fuddy duddy here.

I'm a full fledged geek, having started playing with computers 35 years ago.  Obviously I'm very comfortable with these little digital beasts.  I've used them to track and graph my numbers for more than 21 years.

All that being said, I'm not sure I'd want to keep my blood counts online.  There's always the issue of web site longevity.  Some day the sponsors may choose to pull the plug, and then your data is all gone.  Also worth considering, is site security.  How well is the data backed up?  How current are security patches applied to the software?  How frequently are patches applied?  Could a hacker trash it all, and again your records go Poof.  Also from a security point of view, how private is the data?  Is it stored in an encrypted manner? Would others have access to it? Admittedly all the bad guys could do is track it back to an email address.

I know a lot of younger people like to live their entire life online.  That's fine, and I'm certainly not judging or criticizing.  I'd just like to suggest an alternative.

This might sound shocking and antique, you could always do it the old fashioned way, and at least keep a paper backup.

Project Inform (one of the first groups to translate HIV issues and treatment information , from medical mumbo jumbo into human readable terms) has a pretty good PDF package of forms to keep track of all your HIV related medical stuff.  They've even got a page in there our female friends.  The link to that package is:


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