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This thread sucks! :D

My e-mail box is now chock full of articles about using circumcision to stop HIV.  I find this so appalling that I have feared to even read some of the articles.  I guess after this thread, I am going to have to do some homework.  I am just so sad that in this day and time, that we have come to "butchering" to stop the spread of HIV.  It now seems that humans have only come out of the caves yesterday, I guess.

Having never been butchered; I have on so very many occasions been grateful that I came from a poor family that couldn't afford this primitive exercise in child birth. 

Now, reading this from Jonathan, I am just sick, and in total agreement with Ann,  THIS THREAD SUCKS!

In Love and Awe.

I've actually been considering going and getting the chop.. purely because I want to, no other reason.  But now I really will go and get it done.. WOOF bring on the hoover.

Matty the Damned:
Oy gevalt! What a bunch of prissy goys, you are!

Rabbi MtD

There's a catholic priest joke in here somewhere... 
I agree with JK, I really could have gone the rest of my life without this information. All I can say is  'OY!'
in fact make it a double.


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