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I was unable to have another blood test before August.

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--- Quote from: blondbeauty on June 21, 2006, 06:37:33 PM ---Well the cd4 drop was considerable: from 689 to 539 in 4 months!
--- End quote ---
::) LOL.  That's not that considerable.  Actually that's not considerable at all.

Cd4 counts and VL can bounce around sometimes. A stable % over a few months, and from test to test results, is also important. Try not to worry to much until you have your next set of labs drawn.

Thank you. Ill try to get good sleep tonight. Tomorrow I am flying to Pamplona (spain) and the 23th to Zurich (switzerland).
Ill try to forget it.
Thank you for caring and calming me down.  :'(


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