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I was unable to have another blood test before August.

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My last counts showed a viral load of 100.000 copies. So i wanted to have a new blood test before the one I have scheduled for the 2nd of August at the Hospital. So I decided to go to "clinica Sandoval". I thought they didnīt have any computers there, but they have...I had never noticed before.... So they checked my file and saw I should have my last shots for hep A and B (I know that but I was going to tell them after the blood extraction)...They asked me the reason for not having my last blood tests done there. And I told them the truth..."Ive been cheating on you and gone to the social security"
They thought my last tests were good enough and I had both Hepatitis shots and no blood work. They gave me an appointment for September to see if I have been immunized against both heps, and new blood work.
My viral load must be having a party inside me with both vaccinatios and the HIV. I cant have reliable blood tests for the next 4 weeks. So I am affraid I will have to wait till the 2nd of August to find out.
In any case I will tell my Dr. I want to start meds whatever the counts are. This wait is driving me crazy.

water duck:
Juan why the panic ?? I am on the understanding that Doc are more eager to put us on Med than we r.

Try to stop worrying & wait alittle.   8) 8)

U r in my thoughts, sending u positive energies.


You really should wait and see what your next test result is....that viral load was a significant jump in a very short amount of time (with no corresponding drop in tcells).  It may just be a blip.  Wait and see how your next test results go and try to keep an open mind about these things.

Well the cd4 drop was considerable: from 689 to 539 in 4 months!
I have been thinking sooner or later I will have to expose myself to the meds. I prefer to do it with a decent immune system and only have to deal with side effects than having to suffer from side effects and a destroyed immune system. So the sooner I start the better.

<< Well the cd4 drop was considerable: from 689 to 539 in 4 months>>

Um, well... thats not really that dramatic. your CD4 count can vary up to 100 points on any given day.  And the CD4 test gives it a +/- of a hundred points.  Honestly, what matters is the combined CD4 trend over time PLUS your percentages and viral load. All over time (at least three blood draws). And it helps to get your blood drawn under the same circumstances every time. Circumstances include time of day, full or empty stomach, stress level, et al. Whatever is under your control.

Seriously, I would not rush into the meds until you need them.


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