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hello, guys. i have problem. pleas have a look at here.


hello, guys.
i have a question. so here is the tihing.
i have been tested HIV+ in Jan. and since last Dec, i haven't had sex any more. but before a few days i have seen that there were quite many red little speckle on my skin. so i went to see my doctor today. and he said the symptome on my skin could be a symptom of syphilis. then he took my blood to test it. now i must wait for the results. but my last test in Jan showed that i didn't have syphilis.

so my question is: is it possible, that i really have syphilis?  4 months no sex, and no syphilis according to the result of last test. is it possible, that i have syphilis now?  i feel not so good now.  :( please help me!


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