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Tomorrow will be a living hell for me!

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HAHA! Love the pic J!  Just what Rocky needs to see hahaha..

Okay, the truth is, Dentists scare the shit out of me too.

Hope all goes well, Rocky, and that there are no ugly surprises ($$$).

(My dad was a dentist, as are several uncles and both brother-in-laws.  They are really very nice people!)

Hey, I feel for you.  I'm the same way about the dentist.  My childhood dentist hit a nerve with the needle a few times when I was young.  Talk about being traumatized at an early age!  I didn't go for a few years a while back and paid for it with a couple of cavities and a crown.  Now, I have dental insurance, but it doesn't really save me much money (unless I need another crown), but it keeps me from cancelling appts using the excuse that I can't afford it.  Now, I brush 3+ times a day and floss every day.  I haven't had a cavity in years and they say that my teeth are always immaculate.  I did have to take a couple Valiums when I went for a crown a few years ago, though!  Now, I just force myself to relax and do breathing exercises.  Hell, if we can deal with HIV, the dentist should be a piece of cake right?  Good luck with it.


I am sure it is more expensive, but there are "sedation" dentists cropping up around here.  I am also not sure what drug they give you to knock you out before hand and it might interact with your other meds, so you would definitely need to check that out.

Fear of going to the dentist in my early life has given me a mouth full of crowns and fillings.  I still hate it and have to take valium amount of breathing can calm me down when they hit a nerve and my teeth are super sensitive for some reason.

It might be worth finding a sedation dentist just to investigate the option.

Good luck.


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