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Tomorrow will be a living hell for me!

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It's been nearly 4 years!   :-[

I know, I know!   :(

I am way overdue! 

It's just I have this very real fear!  It starts manifesting itself in the pit of my stomach.  It travels to my head and produces a pounding ache.

I find myself forgetting to breath.  My anxiety level goes off the charts and there isn't enough Ativan in North America to calm it!

This is completely irrational of course.   :'(

Tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. to be precise, I go to the dentist.

I don't want to go!  I really don't want to go.  I've picked up the phone 3 times to cancel.

I am terrified of the dentist.  Always have been.

I also worry about what they may find. Cancer?  Gum disease.  10,000 cavities--each needing major drilling (scream!)  I don't have dental insurance, so just covering the cost of this checkup with xrays ($125.00) is going to be a struggle.  If they find something major--yikes. 

I need a new night guard.  I grind my teeth a lot at night.  I've chewed through the old one.  They'll want to make me a new one.  Those things are very expensive.  If I don't wear one though I risk cracking my teeth and that would be even worse.

O.K. I'm done with all the whining and imagined problems.

It's just I really hate going to the dentist.

10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning!  SHIT!   >:(

(Who hates going to the dentist)

Hey Rocky,

I feel for you matey, I have the same dentist phobia, I avoid them for as long as I can and visits to that damn chair are hell. 


What you need to do, rocky, is master some relaxation techniques.  Relax today.  Nothing strenuous. A little exercise.  Nice, deep breaths.   Go out and rent a  movie. And tonight, have a nice BBQ, a cocktail, then watch the movie.

Oh, by the way, the perfect movie?   THE MARATHON MAN!!   ("IS IT SAFE?")


(who also needs to go but just hates the idea of paying someone for that kind of pain.)

All that prodding...
fist in your mouth....

What's the problem?

(Is this helping Rock?)

Don't feel bad Rocky, I need to make an appointment too.


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