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finger cut/sore - WORRYING SO MUCH.

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Hi all..

I am 20 years old. I had this incident where I fingered a girl from a massage parlour in Toronto last week for about a minute.  This was the only acitivity I did.  After, I noticed that I had a small, maybe 2mm in diameter sore/cut on my cuticle while I was fingering!!  I don't think it was fresh, but I was in the hot tub earlier so the skin was kind of tender...  After realizing that I may have be infected with HIV, i freaked out so much having panic attacks feeling like my life is over.  I lost concentration and motivation for EVERYTHING..

I then checked out the site reading Dr. HHH's comments and he wrote that apparently this type of activity, cut or no cut have never been documented to transmit HIV.  The same info has been echoed on this site.  This has since relieved SOME of the anxiety.

YET, I still feel like I'm infected so I went to the doctor today.  The doctor recommended that I take a test in two weeks to be sure and I knew he was gonna recommend that I test since docs are conservative..

I feel like although no one has ever contracted HIV via this method, I feel like I may be the first person to transmit it through this method!!  I feel so anxious about testing as I feel it will still turn out to be positive.  I know most of my feelings are due to extreme HIV anxiety, but I just can't help it.

Have I gone mental yet??? and realistically what can I expect.. I am so lost right now :(

Thanks everyone, your help is much appreciated.

You didn't have a risk and you don't need to test. Period.. This isn't an HIV concern.

Andy Velez:
Feelings aren't facts. You have absolutely no basis in HIV science for concern about this incident.

If you haven't already read our lesson on transmission then you need to do that now. You get all the basics there. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this sections.

It sounds to me as if perhaps you are just beginning to become sexually active. If that is so, often along with a lot of excitement for a number of reasons it seems to bring anxiety as well. Also, guys seem to think because a woman is a professional it means the risk is greater. It is not whom you do things with sexually, it's WHAT you do. And in this case nothing you did put you at risk for HIV transmission.

There's no need for testing but you do need to become better informed about the subject so read that lesson.



Thanks for the reassurance guys.

But why is it that I feel even with the slightest possibility and even though its never occurred before, that I feel I MAY be the FIRST person to transmit HIV via this method??

Is it normal for people in my situation to feel this way?


Andy Velez:
Why? Why do you have certain feelings? The question is totally irrelevant in this situation.

What matters is the facts of HIV science. And as far as those are concerned you weren't at risk in this situation.

Becoming better educated by reading the lessons on transmission and testing may help you.

Just because you continue to feel anxious doesn't mean you had a real risk. The mind is an amazing thing and obviously this experience has triggered thoughts and feelings in you.


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