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America: It's Not Your Fault

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.....Those who do not learn the lessons of history
                     are doomed to repeat them.....


Invading or migrating  for economic reasons to other places around the globe is something "normal" in history.  If our ape-like ancestors did not do it we would be still living somewhere in Africa.  If the spanish did not cross the atlantic and colonise the "new" world some other nation would have done it.  Perhaps the Russians (they had managed to get to Alaska) or the Japanese.


I think what Matty wrote is truly valid and poignant.

Fighting for peace is a tricky business. I think the prime directive of Star Trek:  to not interfere is sometimes the better course of action.  Unfortunately, inactivity in this current world does not go unpunished for the powerful and rich.  It makes matters worse if the powerful is also viciously attacked. Aid is tricky, try as we might to help: we supply the dictators with cash instead of the starving with food.

I go back to my favorite book "The Sparrow".  Its a great example of the cost of interference, its about a group of people and the first discovery of extraterrestrial life.  Earthlings arrive unannounced and they find two races:  one docile with a high population and one rather vicious low population who are clearly the rulers.  They teach the lesser race (whom they met first) how to grow their own food....seemingly helpful yes?  However, the ruling race EATS the other race, controls their breeding and overall conception with their food production capabilities (or lack thereof).  Suddenly the world is in crisis and war and bloodshed ensue, and their world is forever changed.  The planet is irrevocably altered to a group of vegans rulers with not allot of smarts and no idea of population control.  Is it a better world?  Is it a sustainable world?

Do we ever really look at the sheer amount of financial aid that flows from the U.S.?  Its astronomical, and yet everyone forgets that until there's a crisis.   Was America protecting its interests in Iraq.....sure...undeniably true but its never black and white.....find me a country that doesn't look after its own interests.

I personally wish one war was waged at a time, and I wish Iraq could have waited until Afganistan was under control....but like Matty said, to leave now is unthinkable.

(who's just a Canadian who likes to read)

Well Matty, through all the barf and poop, I have to thank you for taking the time to let people here know what I am thinking most of the time. 

I also would like to stay out of the other thread, as I really like Jake, and his fiestyness, but his reasoning refuses to take into account the real issues here.  Most notably…… One of the Bin Ladens, is the accountant for the Bush family.  Secondly, we are the ones that placed Saddam in his place of dominance in 1983, for which we can thank another Konservative called Ronnie Ray Gun.

This country was settled by a bunch of outcasts that were too conservative for the Church of England, and wanted to “Penticostalize” that church, but instead found themselves thrown onto small ships and sent off to America to savagely brutalize the natives and presto….. now we call this nation our own.  Of course we are all aware of the same thing that happened down under, so nobody here has a clean historical slate. 

What does need to be said, is that what Matty has very carefully and very skillfully placed here is of course the unvarnished truth, and in that I am so very grateful.  Having been yanked out of this country at the ripe old age of five, and being carried off to some “DARK” African Country that was ruled unmercifully by the English; I have seen first hand the work of Colonialism, and all the debauchery and malfeasance that brings to a people that are living right inside the earth, and in concert with their surroundings.  I saw the first day of Independence from the English overlords that made Tanganyika what it was then, and when they became independent, changed their name to Tanzania.  I still to this day, think they named it what they did because white English settlers couldn’t pronounce it correctly.  Then my parents came back to the United States to keep the passport current, and upon our return in 1963, moved to Kenya where we also witnessed Independence from the English overlords.  A very interesting thing happened that day.  We were all packed up, and the American Embassy had made a tentative appointment to fly us out if things turned sour by the end of the day, but along about 10 in the morning, a kid came to the door, and insisted that we all go to the town soccer pitch, where the day’s celebration was just about to start.  They insisted that my mother, (the church and school choir director) must be present to lead them in the first public performance of the Kenya National Anthem, declaring the town independent.  When we got there, there were a number of Maasai women who had come for the celebration, carrying large empty baskets.  I inquired with one of the teachers as to the significance of the empty baskets, and she embarrassingly explained to me that they had come to get their independence and take it home to their families. 

The anthem for the day, the country and the people, which is still the anthem to this day is a simple saying …..   “Uhuru na Uumoja”  which translated simply means Independence through pulling together. 

OK, so I got off the subject of killing and of dominance, but please forgive me if I am not impressed with the lies and deceit of the current and past governments of the United States.  I have so little respect for anyone in government, that I sometimes truly feel like a citizen of a foreign country.  Sorry all of you Americans of this site, I am just a misfit here. 

Truly, the United States is a very confused country and to still place the Native people in such places like a sun parched Siberia, and then say we held up all the treaties is so very embarrassing that I cannot come to accept any of this current crap.  When you build a country on the blood of others, you will pay the price with your blood.

All the deaths in Iraq aside, we have not even begun to pay the price for our past in-discretions!

Just Sayin……………………….

We are in a bit of a jam, aren't we?
Nice post, Matty.


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