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America: It's Not Your Fault

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Matty the Damned:
. . . . and of course I'm referring to the issues raised in Lwood's touchingly patriotic thread. I would have posted my comments in that thread, but I've been an AIDSMEDer long enough to know that getting caught up in the Right Wing Blizzard of Shit that Jakey (aka Jack) summons at the mere mention of 'America' is a fool's errand.

This real issue at the heart of Lwood's thread (though he wouldn't realise it) is not about two dead soldiers. I'm not here to pass comment of any sort on the faceless grunts who die in the meat grinder of Dubya's Iraq. I am mindful that one of the most respected members of AIDSMEDS lost his nephew in Iraq last year. These are real tragedies that leave ordinary people to suffer. Both Iraqi's and Americans.

I'm also aware that my own country Australia is a keen member of the Coalition of the Willing. That earnest assortment of nice white nations (with the notable exception of Japan) that answered the clarion call of Washington when a handful of Islamic extremists decided that Allah had called them to park a couple of Boeings on the upper floors of the WTC a few years back. I'm told that some worker bees at the Pentagon also came off second best that day.

With all of those qualifications out of the way, let's get down to the issue at hand and that's apportioning blame. The horrible reality for the Left is that the original causes of all this strife has in reality fuck all to do with America. On the contrary -- the real criminals in this are the Holier Than Thou Nations of Europe.

See, with small exception of the Great War and the League of Nations, America really only hit the world scene after the conclusion of World War II. US foreign policy in the last 60 years belies the their isolationist tradition. Armed with the A Bomb, Jesus, a veto on the Security Council and a distinct economic advantage, America blundered into the imperialist trap.

Right at the time that Europe was scrambling to get out of it.

So let's look at the state of play of various nations prior to 1950 shall we?

Before Iraq was Iraq, it was the British colony of Mesopotamia. Israel was the British protectorate of Palestine. Eqypt, yup - you guessed it, British. The economic muck hole of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe? British again! Vietnam? The French fucked that up. The same goes for Algeria, Rwanada and several other blighted African nations. East Timor belonged to the Portugese, most of what today is Indonesia was Dutch. The Germans had their immaculately gloved hand in parts of south western Africa. The list of colonial fuck ups by the Europeans is endless. Let's not even mention what the Spanish managed in Central and Southern America over 5 centuries.

With the greatest of respect to my Blog Sister Hermie (and Jean Paul aka Belgium) the Gory Shower of Stinking Death that has been the Congo/Zaire is the sole responsibilty of the Belgians. King Leopold committed atrocities in that part of Africa which defy description. Frankly, Belgians have a history of being complete bastards when it comes to dealing with the inhabitants of the hot countries.

America largely resisted this colonialist carry on, preferring to cloak itself in the cotton wool of isolationism. Granted there were a few issues in Latin America and the Carribean in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but nothing on the scale that the Old World managed to clock up.

So it should be no surprise that when WWII ended and America was the only nation with the resources and the wherewithal to try and right the wrongs of the world, that the sins of centuries of European chauvanism would be slated home to them.

And Americans, ever trusting in their Manifest Destiny fell for it. 1000 years of European colonialist debt was purchased by a newly awakened US Empire. Back then of course, Washington convinced the American people that they were fighting communism. These days it's defending Old Glory from the predations of the Muslim Terrorist Rug Kisser Hordes. As a result thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Afghani and Iraqi's die needlessly.

It should be the British (and the fucking French) who are paying for this. But it ain't. It's Sherry and Randy Randolfski of Buttfuck County Ohio who have mortgaged the life of their son instead.


Of course the real bright sparks of the last 60 years have been the New Zealanders. They realised in the 80's that America was on a hiding to nothing and backed out of the Alliance real quick. They invited Uncle Sam to shove his nuclear submarines up his arse and when threatened with exclusion from the elite, they opted to take their chances. It turned out to be clever thinking.  My own country has to understand that which NZ worked out sometime back: that the military resources we have are better spent managing the internicine squabbles of the kava sodden peoples of the Pacific rather than worrying about the religious loonies of the Middle East.

Or the Mid West for that matter.

The reason that the whole world has turned to shit is not the fault of America. Nevertheless the responsibility for fixing it now falls to the Home of the Free. Uncle Sam stepped up to the plate in 1946 with no idea what he was getting himself into. He stumbled into Vietnam, and clearly didn't take the hint.

America should never have been in Iraq in the first place. Now, should they leave, the whole thing will collapse and destablise the Middle East (and the rest of the world) fatally. If they stay, much the same will happen. More and more of your soldiers will be sacrificed on the altar of Republican hubris. Just to satisfy the blood lust of people like Jerry Falwell, Tom Delay, Dick Cheney and our own Jakey. Is it worth it?

Americans shouldn't depend on Australia or any other of the "me too" minnow nations who were so eager to kiss Dubya's butt back in 2001 to hang around either. We know defeat when we smell it. Trust me, your loyal Aussie mates won't be far behind the Japanese who are leaving in the next three months.

America, you're on your own. So what are you gonna do?


Very well done. I guess for the Americans like me, we lose sight, we know the country is at war somewhere so we feel the need to back it. It's because this country is made up of immigrants that were so broke andunwanted in there own land they came here and made a good life. So the country was good to us, we feel responsible not to question it too much. Sad but true. I wouldn't trade my life here to go back to Palermo for anything. If I had to serve and die for this country I would. If my children were called(one of which is turning 18) they to would go. We got into this we need to figure out how to get out. But I guess if didn't stumble into that war we would all be speaking German and wearing those funny mustaches.

tuggem: unspeakable thoughts put out to be read by all. 

I have heard that when British colonialism was coming to an end, there was a conscious effort to draw national boundaries for former colonies to include multiple in-fighting groups into each "nation" so that they would all squabble amongst themselves rather than rise up to pose a threat to the Empire.  It would appear that this doctrine has both worked and failed.

As for the innocence of the US...I am not so sure.  We have had our fingers in a lot of coups and up the butts of a lot of puppets for a long time.  We took Hawaii, for example, from the Hawaiians because no one stopped us and we kept it after WWII because of its strategic location.  That particular coup was to facilitate the workings of the Dole pineapple plantations, by the way, so unfetttered capitalism might well be our oldest and most viscious internal demon.

Interesting post to see here...

I find it amazing, and I dont mean this in an insulting way, the same way we acquired Hawaii is the same way many nations acquired offshore lands and we find that acceptable.  It's always been go forth and conquer. Since the dawn of man. It may not be right but it will not change. DNA is powerful. Instinct will always drive man and it will be our downfall.

*bites tongue*


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