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Hi all, I had results of my new labs, Vl Undetactable, CD4's only up slightly to 580 from 540 something (cant remember!) Lipids Cholesterol, blood pressure all normal range. My Doctor told me keep doing whatever you are doing, (Good job she never asked for details of what Im doing! but I have her blessing to keep on doing it  ;D  ::) ;D).....  so that had started my summer with a BANG!.

The next thing is that I will be off the forums for a while. Its going to be a busy few weeks to come. Jean is arriving next Saturday - meaning i got to do lots of spring cleaning and all the other usual preparations. We have to make up for lost time. Besides, my sister is visiting too from the UK after successfully finished some intensive treatment for Hodgkins, her two kids and their kids will ALL be hear at the same time + that my sis in Law and my niece (from Queensland in Australia) I havent seen for 8 years is staying with us after visiting her parents in Surrey in the UK. So there will be LOTS of going on but also having a relaxing time (I hope ???).

I will miss you all  :'(........but I will be back some time in August to catch up with all the Montreal excitment + our little meeting in Amsterdam. I hope you all have a great summer (winter for Jan and the guys downunder  :-*) I will be checking my e-mails regularly ;).

Love and Hugs to all,


Hope you have a wonderful summer..just dont overdo  and take care of yourself.

Will miss you!


Hey Mark,

Big congrats on the great numbers matey!  Don't stay away too long okay!


Hey Mark,

Great news on the numbers ! Have a great time !! See ya when you get back.

Take care of yourself---------Ray

Great news Mark.

I had the same labresults last time.

Have a wonderful summer and a good time with Jean.

Hug and kiss

Hermie :-*


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