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Anger Surrounds My Youth Gruop Speech

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I would agree with the lot here. Don't let your anger taint an opportunity to open windows for these kids. As the others have said, speak directly, simply and from the heart.

Obviously, the kid who tested positive isn't getting much support. This could be an opportunity for you to show how much the support of others can mean to someone who is positive.

Young people of this age still believe themselves invincible. Nothing can touch them. The world is their's for the taking and for the changing. I remember those idealistic, completely unrealistic days.

Perhaps, through your story, which is a very potent and clear picture of life with HIV, you may prod them to think about this disease, take precautions, or at least be more supportive and caring for those they come across who are living with HIV.

Touch one kid, you have touched dozens. Don't let anger dictate your direction.



I understand that the recently-diagnosed boy needs support, but do you know why he was thrown out?  You mention that he was angry and disruptive.  I was in a support group for the newly diagnosed through an ASO here in Washington.  We had ground rules that every member had to follow.  If someone couldn't follow the ground rules, then they'd have to leave.  I have no idea what the rules are for the group in question or what the disruption was. I'm not defending the group, just offering another view. Maybe this individual could benefit from some individual counseling.



I want to thank you for posting this today because it served as a much needed catalyst for a bit of change in my own life. I was writing a reply earlier today but accidentally deleted it.

I was pretty much saying what the others are saying but with the addition of suggesting that the organisers of a group who would throw a kid out because of his issues over being hiv positive also need some hiv education. Perhaps you are the person to do that. ???

I blogged the insight that you caused for me today, so check it out.

(And please, no comments in Jeff's thread about my blog. Use the blog comment forum if you wish to say anything about it. I don't want to hijack Jeff's thread!)

Good luck with your talk. Let us know how it goes, ok?


water duck:
After reading all the wisdom being shared and trying hard to digest them i have the following to share.
Anger is often a mask for hurt, fear or feelings of abandonment which maybe u like to consider.
Why not try to take Anger's powerful energy and treat it as an ally so that healling can begin ; and change come about.

It is not enough to say that we attract what we think;
We become what we think,
And what we become we will attract.        Ernest S. Holmes

Good luck  !! Jeff


Matty, Kcmetro,thanks for pointing out that anger is not the way to go. I posted this moments after I spoke with the manager at the youth center. I was really upset. I'm not sure why I was so angry, but I'm human. My heart went out to that 16y.o. kid who got thrown out of the group. Sometimes I care too much I suppose. Lately I have been really upset with the new cases of HIV/AIDS. We are failing as a country and I guess I feel partly responsible. When I hear that there were 300,000 new cases in the USA well that's just not acceptable.
As so many of you have pointed out, I need to take my anger and turn it into something good. Thanks to you all for your thoughts. Loving Life, that was a great suggestion on Oral. Rest assured that will be on my top ten list!
Andy... WOW. I loved all your ideas. #5 though(condoms) I have to find out if I can even metion that. I think i have heard that if a group takes federal money you can only talk about abstinence.(total joke) I'm going to talk to the director soon to find out what I can and can't say to these kids.
Aztecan: Thanks again for your insight. You support is so very much appreciated....Ann... I look forward to reading your blog. I am so happy I have found this group. I thought I knew so much about HIV/aids having had it for 22 years and all. But I learn something new every day in here. Thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart. Allot of you have deeply touched my heart, for which I am totally grateful. The support is giving me the strength to move forward and to keep learning so I can make a difference. A less angry difference too!


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