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Hey, cowardly sons of fartknocks re: Zephyr Foundation

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Andy Velez:
Jonathan, my objection is not to your having brought up this subject. It's HOW you chose to do it.

It's that you have done so in what I will call a ranti which just doesn't serve your concern well.

Listen, I have been in many situations where I have wanted to grab a hold of the schumuck in front of me and scream in his face, "Don't you get it you greedy sack of s**t," or similar words. And once in a great while that might be the way to go. But I don't see it in this instance. And most of the time I have found that being clear and articulate in a white heat fury is the most effective way to cut someone off at the knees. And man! Are they in shock when that happens. And others observing get just what is going on much more clearly.

I can easily imagine that someone just bopping in on your thread wouldn't know what the hell you're talking about and would only get that you're really pissed.

The Canuck:

--- Quote ---And when you feel as passionate as you and others understandably do about this, then I am going to risk your ire by suggesting flame baiting threads are not the way to make your point.
--- End quote ---

I disagree a bit with you Andy although I understand your motive. However we can't expect to get confrontation here as I presume these '' persons '' will remain completely anonymous, yet they should be able to read what they did isn't appreciated. I don't know the details but from what Jonathan wrote in his introduction text, it looks like a very strange behavior for people living with HIV, and assuming here this is the case.

--- Quote ---to show their pin heads in this place and I will summon a winter that will last 1000 years
--- End quote ---

Matty...I hope it there's no Canucks into this...we have enough of 4 tough Winter months every year without having to suffer one that will last 1000 years.  ::)

Best Regards,

The Canuck

Andy Velez:
Canuck, it's hard for me to disagree with you because that cat photo just knocks me out everytime.

I'm glad Jonathan brought this up. I just wish he had used the more tempered articulacy of which he often demonstrates he is capable.

Thatg's the thing. Zephyr is too much of a classy lady to post messages she received. She only feels hurt by what some have privately written to her.

When someone I perceive (right or wrong, for better or worse) as a gentle soul is wounded, I go ballistic. That's my weak point, as should be evident by anyone who has been on these boards for any length of time. Seriously. Elderly people, nice people, children, whomever. When I see someone attacked, I go all terrier. usually I respond with scathing wit and verbal clarity. Sometimes I use the F bomb. This honestly seemed like an F bomb situation.

Unfortunately, I am not the classy lady Zephyr is. I dont seriously expect a response. But it was, is, important for me to let whomever hurt my friend to know that their behaviour is intolerable. And were Zephyr so kind as to divulge details, I would cheerfully post them here, including email addresses and best time of day to leave stinking piles of dog poop on their front porches.

Which, come to think of it, is probably why she won't :)

Tim Horn:

Adding to Andy's sage -- and hopefully calming -- words of advice...

I hate to say it, but this thread underscores a growing controversey in the Forums: fundraising.  The moderators have received e-mails of concern regarding Zephyr's use of the Forums for personal fundraising.  Initially we opted not to take any steps to curtail Zephyr's fundraising efforts, but then we were hit with the shady fundraising efforts of Eldon (see: 

Jonathan, even without going into detail regarding the behind-the-scenes tit-for-tat, your message here illustrates that fundraising in the Forums -- particularly for individual members (no matter how noble the cause) or "undocumented" organizations -- has resulted in some serious inflammatory rhetoric and strong feelings.  This, the moderators believe, is NOT beneficial to the Forums and your message demonstrates how potentially volatile this issue can be.

At this point, we have no choice but to set down some ground rules regarding fundraising in the Forums.  This, however, may take some time.  With the exception of Eldon's recent efforts, we'll allow fundraising for Zephyr and AMG '06 to continue, at least until we decide if changes are necessary.  And until we've figured out how to permit fundraising in the Forums -- if we decide to let it continue at all -- I'm respectfully requesting that all FUTURE fundraising efforts be directed to us at before they are discussed in the Forums.

Once Ann, Peter, Andy, and I have figured out how to move forward with this, we'll be posting a fundraising "rules and regulations" message in the Forums.

Tim Horn


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