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Hey, cowardly sons of fartknocks re: Zephyr Foundation

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Can someone tell me why the NIH aren't paying for all that stuff anyhow?


I'd like to take a moment and thank each of you for taking the time to respond to this issue. Pardon me if I do not name each of you personally, my time is short this day.

I do appreciate Tim's clarification this morning, and am breathing easier. I understand that there are farther reaching consequences to this 'fund raising' issue in respect to using these Forums as a venue, and this is one of the reasons that I have decided to endeavour the "Zephyr Foundation" apart from them.

I would like to say, also, that the NIH policies about reimbursement or coverage of out of pocket expenses is a thorny issue, not only with Paul and I, but apparently all other participants of these studies, as well. We got that message loud and clear from our staff contacts during our visit, and we are taking private steps to communicate with the Patient Representative, in order to open a dialogue.

You see, that's part of my distress. I have many irons in the fire (not complaining), each as important as the next, all demanding my personal attention. This particular cause is a definite priority, and time is of the essence. It is my sincere hope that Paul and I can affect change, but that can't happen until I shoot off a letter to this individual. There are only so many hours in the day.

With this, I will depart. I hope everyone takes a deep breath and relaxes. Just take care of yourselves, please.




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