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first bloodwork, lumbar puncture & lab results

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I've had over 10 LPs in the last several years. After the test is over and you're allowed to get up, go get the largest cup of strong coffee you can get. (Yes, you can add cream and sugar) That will prevent the headaches associated with the LP. When we talk headaches with LPs, we’re talking the migraine type.

Oh yeah - I forgot about the strong coffee - this was recommended after I collapsed with the headaches and pain..what great advice was that - also though it was suggested to eat chocolate - sounds good to me - coffee- chocolate and a marlborough light..

This LP thing scares me as shit  >:(


milker, it's not as bad as it sounds. Just make sure you lay still and don't jerk or move while they are doing it. You get the little sting when they numb the area and then you feel the pressure when they do the LP. It was the headache that was the killer. I didn't know about the coffee until I was having my 8th LP done. It pissed me that no one else had ever mentioned it before hand.  I've had it done a couple different ways. On my side in a fetal position and bent over that bed table. Either way is good.

Thanks Rapid.. when it comes to pain and needles i'm such a pussy  :-[



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