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first bloodwork, lumbar puncture & lab results

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13 days before i see my doctor and i'm scared as shitting in my pants about LP. I've had a salty mouth for some time and i'm sure it's related to syphilis. LP scares the shit outta me. My doc already has the results, but hasn't called saying I should see him so I feel maybe i'm escaping it. If I have to have LP I will tell you the date coz it may be mistaken with the end of the world.


Well I was worried shitless just like you for I had heard the horror stories.  But my I.D. MD did it (which if yours can, that's great as most I.D. docs have done plenty since it is kind of common for syphilis)....but it was painless and I didn't even have anything afterwards.  I hope yours goes as well as mine did.  Please let us know how it goes and I think the worse part is the worrying before you have it done.  You'll see!! :)

Tony in VA

PS:  My LP fluid came back positive (big time) so I had to be connected to an Antiobiotic drop for ten days.  Yes, that meant having a PIC line inserted in my upper arm and wearing a fanny pac all day and night that would carry a pump so the antiobiotic would be pumped in me 24/7.  It was somewhat bothersome as I had to go to work hooked up to this thing and I didn't do anything socially during those 10 days.

milker, rofl, you're a trip. No you can't have a drink before you have your test. milker, a good f@#k hurts worse.  ;)


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