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Being on my own means....

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I am laughing my ass off over the butter knife thing.  My baby fixed the vacuum cleaner last night with brute strength and a butter knife!  He's my hero!

Matty the Damned:

--- Quote from: Sae on June 20, 2006, 09:46:42 PM ---The perils of living alone...

I have had to kill spiders by myself (Terrifying)...but tonight, I had to change my bike tire for the first time.  Haven't cycled for that long, seen it done, but never attempted a back tire....%^&*()_**

One hour (ok I'll cop to it being longer than that), one internet search, one busted valve stem, one speaker phone call and one completely destroyed manicure later....I have done it!  "I have changed tire" (said in Tom Hank's voice..."I have made fire" from Cast Away). 

I'm not sure this girl power thing is so great afterall.  Is this supposed to be satisfying?  Ok...maybe a little.  :-\

(who wonders how the hell to get bike chain grease off her legs and hands)

--- End quote ---

Be grateful you've never had to kill one of these:

They live under my house. They play cards with the Devil on Monday nights.


Hey Lisa..a women after my own heart.

After my husband got snowed in and couldn't get home for a week I had to finish the Alpacas and goats sleeping quarters before the weather got any worse.
I managed to get the separating wall up..(it was only 3ft high) but I then had to hang two gates at the entrance to the stalls, I had all the tools at hand, brackets, nails and slide bolts...when I opened the tool box I pulled out 7 screw drivers and not one of them was the size I was looking for, so I headed off to the kitchen, and yes you guessed it, the brackets, slide bolts and nails where all finished off with  the trusted BUTTER KNIFE...and if I say so myself it was a job well done.
When are you guys going to learn that you don't need to spend good money on a shed full of screw drivers when you can get a good butter knife for less than a couple of get rid of the screw drivers and that includes the philips screw driver because a butter knife works on those nails as well.

"POWER TO THE BUTTER KNIFE"  a women's best friend.

Jan :-*

Geeeeee, I thought I was the only one doing that....thnks guys and gals, I feel bit after better reading that  :D

don't be so nice to her she didn't tell you what she does to me with that knife.


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