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Being on my own means....

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The perils of living alone...

I have had to kill spiders by myself (Terrifying)...but tonight, I had to change my bike tire for the first time.  Haven't cycled for that long, seen it done, but never attempted a back tire....%^&*()_**

One hour (ok I'll cop to it being longer than that), one internet search, one busted valve stem, one speaker phone call and one completely destroyed manicure later....I have done it!  "I have changed tire" (said in Tom Hank's voice..."I have made fire" from Cast Away). 

I'm not sure this girl power thing is so great afterall.  Is this supposed to be satisfying?  Ok...maybe a little.  :-\

(who wonders how the hell to get bike chain grease off her legs and hands)

Let's talk about the powers of the BUTTER KNIFE!  OMG!  Who needs a powerdrill, screwdriver, hammer or anything else when you have a BUTTER KNIFE!

I live alone and can fix ANYTHING!  It might take me a few hours, but where there is a will, there is a way!  But lets be perfectly clear........................I AM NOT going to buy anything from IKEA, because you have to put EVERYTHING together from them......................and that is just plain stupid!


I'm impressed !   Hanging pictures on the wall is about the extent of my mechanical ability........

Oh, and I do know how to put gas in the car and add windshield washer fluid. Anything more than that......forget it.  :D


Too funny...have butter knife will travel.  You funny.

Stupid me...I have assembled IKEA stuff...their allen wrenches seriously suck.
Still, I'd rather be here and frustrated with a tire...than back where I was.  Life is good.

(who was a Tomboy...way back when....and is not the princess type despite a penchant for pink and shoes....ok pink shoes)

Oh should have seen me fix the toliet. I figured that i build airplanes..i can fix a toliet. I had to change the seal. Went to the hardware  store and the guy told me how to do it.  So  i shut off the water from the meter outside and show my daughter how to do it. So i go in ..take the insides of the tank out..and get the seal changed. Im feeling so proud..i didnt tighten the thingy so tight to crack the tank. Im doing so good. Put the insides back in...tell my daughter to go out and turn on the water. She turns on the water..water is shooting straight up out the back of my toliet. I grab the trash can trying to catch as much water as i can and my daughter comes in to me yelling to turn it off. She runs back out and turns the water off. I had water all over..i had to go to my moms to borrow her shampooer to suck all the water up from my carpet....Then i figured out what i did wrong with putting the insides back in....but hey i got it fixed...LOL

We woman can do it when we set our minds to it.



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