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iRNA or RNAi breakthrough



i found this article by searching for hiv and breakthrough in google news... seems like best article on subject

Now my research team has discovered a new function of the RNA for gene activation. This novel discovery will open new directions in regulating genes that are involved in etiology of various diseases and, thus, have the potential for the treatment and prevention of various diseases,” said Dr Dahiya in a telephonic conversation with The Tribune. Said Dr Dahiya :“Dr Mello and Dr Fire won a Nobel Prize for their work in identifying the mechanism for a process called the RNA interference, or RNAi. They found that the RNA blocks a gene from delivering its message to proteins, essentially shutting down that gene”.

Since then, scientists around the world have run with the idea finding ways for RNAi to turn off a variety of genes, in particular, those that cause disease. The technique has also shown a remarkable clinical promise. RNAi-based treatments are being tested in many animal models of disease-high cholesterol, HIV, cancer and hepatitis, among others and clinical trials have been launched in humans with specific types of macular degeneration and pneumonia. The potential applications of the research are vast, adds Dr Dahiya.


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