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I came across this earlier today and thought I'd pass it on. It's a (nearly) world wide organisation where you recycle your unwanted possessions with other people in your geographic area. It seems a really good idea. I joined the one on the Rock, but it's not very active. I also joined the one in the Liverpool area for comparison and that one is very active and a lot of the stuff going - all for free I might add - looks like useful stuff. People seem to be pretty honest about the condition of the goods as well.

Just what cash-strapped people like us could do with getting involved in.

Here's the link: Just click on your area link on the left-hand side of the page and go from there.

Happy recycling!  :-*


i signed up in my local area :)

I need a desk... and a bedframe

someone somewhere:
The site is amazing.Been part of it for over a year in  my area of the world.Two months ago a woman put up she had a living room suite to go.Well i was the one that got it.It was brand new 3 months old she did not like the colour....Coffee coloured btw.Over sized couch two chairs and love seat all for free along with the coffee table.

Over 4 grand of stuff and it is in my living room.Love the chairs and ottomans.I love to curl up and read in them.

All l had to do was pick it up!

Hi Ann

Thanks for the link..I sent it to my son in Christchurch....he picks up a computor desk and a book self for the spare room tomorrow..and has someone coming to pick up an old dressing table at the weekend..he loves the idea..he had responces about an hour after he joined..just the thing for a young family who are on a budget.

Jan :-*

Wow, fantastic!

I wrote an email to the moderator of my local group here on the Rock to ask about helping her to get it going but haven't heard back from her. She is the founding member, but there is another moderator I will also try to contact if I don't hear back from the original. If I get no responses whatsoever, I will contact the Freecycle organisation and ask about forming a new group.

I really think this is good stuff. There is a lot of affluence here on the Rock, due to it being an off-shore finance center, but there is a lot of poverty too. I think the site could really take off here, but if the current moderators aren't promoting it, no wonder it's not active.

This makes so much sense all round. Especially in an island context. Our land-fill sites are filling up and fly-tipping is becoming more commonplace. I think the government might even be interested in promoting a Manx Freecycle group... hope the moderator gets in touch soon!



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