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Loss of job, loss of insurance, loss of ny area

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--- Quote from: Just_Need_A_Pain_Killer on March 25, 2007, 12:21:30 PM ---oh and PS.. you'll want to look in to ADAP+ (thats ADAP plus).. can help cover primary care.. check with your state..

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Yup, Motherinneed, JustNeed is right. The acronym for ADAP+ is APIC (in New York).

In New Jersey, I do believe it's named HICP. Double check with an HIV advocate in New Jersey

Here's the link for HICP:


--- Quote from: motherinneed on March 20, 2007, 10:02:43 AM ---I am never sure where to post my questions so here it goes in this section also
My son is HIV positive, he just lost his job..
HOW does he afford his meds without health care insurance, especially if he cannot get another job?

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Others have given you great information, partly from experience. I know nothing about those matters.

I will comment only on maintaining health insurance. When you son lost his job (more like a letter 45 days later) he must be offered the chance to continue at least two types of insurance, medical and dental. He has or will get a letter about this. This is called COBRA and is mandated by Federal Law. He can buy his COBRA, self-paying the group plan for 12-18 months (depending on how early he was offered insurance), after which they must offer a "conversion" to and individual plan. All of this is costly, not free, but I've done it 4 times, and currently on COBRA! It's easy, really easy, only you have to pay without getting bills (mark the calendar and the check book). And it's not cheap, like my $601/mo for health, drug, and dental. It's worth it.
I have always sacrificed to get, and keep insurance. I don't want money interfering with the quality of my healthcare, and so far it hasn't.
Like some others here, I totally oppose this "system" of costly individual insurance and unequal access and levels of care (single-payer single-standard universal healthcare is the answer). I put all that aside for my needs "in the here and now." If your Son can't afford his premiums and copay, consider taking a family collection to assist on a regular basis. If your Son can work, getting another job in order to qualify for good benefits (check to see that they are!) would allow COBRA to be nothing but a "stop gap" exercise in seamless insurance coverage. Good luck!  8)  -megasept

I only just joined this forum, but I know you can contact NJ Buddies at  (201) 489-2900 or their  Helpline: (800) 508-7577 and discuss the issue with them. I have received HICP through the state of NJ which paid my COBRA for 18 months after I was 'let go' from my job ( in 2001 I applied for disability and after a time and lots of legalities, I was 'let go') and HICP eventually converted my policy to an individual policy. COBRA was about $400+ a month and here it is a few years later and my individual policy is around $900 a month - and they pay it several months in advance so you don't have to stress every month. Just send them the bills from the insurance company every month. HICP (Health Insurance Continuation Program) can be reached at (800) 353-3232. I wish I could help you more with services in NY but I live in NJ! May I suggest a wonderful group called Friends InDeed located on Soho (corner of Houston and Broadway) (212) 925-2009 - they were and are the most wonderful ASo and support anyone could ask for. I really suggest you call them and get some advice. I know they require you go to a 'big group' meeting prior to any services (don't worry, they don't make you handle snakes or anything - at least not your first time! LOL) but THEY ARE WORTH the trip and I have NO DOUBT they will be able to assist you and provide support for both you and your son. PLEASE let us all know how you are making out! Peace, Paul


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