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I must admit first off I always had a form of OCD, but im working on it. Im a recently happily married guy. Sounds good enough, but prior to my marriage while I was on a short breakup from my fiancee, i had sex with a girl i met from the internet. we talked for a cpl of weeks and she assured me everything was fine. we had sex twice and we parted our ways, she later got married as did i. never talked to her again. bad, i know, but thats how it happened. ive always heard hiv is hard to transmit from female to male, but i was kinda scared when surfing the web and saw the story abt the british woman sent to jail by infecting her partner. all of my sex before that was protected, except this instance. thanks and i promise i wont turn into too much of a worry wart.

Assuming this was unprotected sex, yes, you would do well to test. I do not know what sort of STD testing is done where you live prior to marriage, but if you did not include an HIV test, it would be a prudent idea.


Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus and more so from a woman to a man. The odds are significantly in your favour of testing negative after only two unprotected encounters. However, difficult does not mean impossible so yes, you should test. Hiv status is nothing to guess about.

If everyone used condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, every time, no exceptions until such time as they were in a securely monogamous relationship where they have both tested negative TOGETHER, then we wouldn't see these kinds of prosecutions. Unfortunately, governments and the media would rather portray hiv positive people as predatory, willful infectors than stress the need for condom use and hiv testing for everyone. Your health is your own responsibility. Use condoms unless you have tested negative together with your partner. It's that simple.

Get tested.



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