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hello. everyone. i just tested poz!

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hello. everybody! i have known that i had got HIV,just after i fell in love with my dreamprince. now i have to leave him.  :-[
i am a chinese student in germany. last summer i had sex with a german without condom. then i knew my Mr.right. He wanted me to do a HIV-test, so i did it. and i have also got it. the result ist HIV+. just before X'mas day. then i have had the worst X'mas and new year in my life. and i knew that i should go away from my love, i should have to leave him. but he still doesn't know what was happened to me.

but now i feel better. i have thought so much what i had never thought before.  at the past, i didn't love myself, i didn't have confidence, and i even didn't know who i really was. and now the god give me a chance to think about all of them, think about who i am , what the meaning of the life is.  i think i can have a better life than before, although i have HIV.  and i hope i can live happilier and better with all of you.

the life is not going to the end, a new life has just begun.  i hope i can have friendship with all of you, and fighting together against the viren.

by the way, i received my first test results on 02,02,2007,   VL:  about 10100, CD4: 638.

forgot! i am a gay! ;D ;)

Andy Velez:
Hello, Ivan. I'm glad you found your way to our site.

It sounds like you have a very good attitude about learning to live with HIV in your life. Your numbers are good. You may already know that it's very important that you continue to have them checked regularly. Having a good working partnership with your doctor to keep you well is an essential part of dealing with the virus.

You're always welcome to come here if you have any questions or anything you want to discuss or just to talk with other members.


thank you very much, Andy Velez. i would like to talk with you and all the friends here. and i would like to do all the best what i can.

Ivan, a heartfelt welcome here, you seem to have been thinking a lot getting ready to fight this without forgetting about the rest of your life. Good start :)


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