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Second Labs


I got my second labs report today and my doctor seem to be very happy, considering I'm on INH for inactive tuberculosis. CD4 absolute count has dropped a bit though and CD4% has increased by 6%. I'm not on any HIV medication yet.

CD4 - 946
CD4% - 46
Viral Load - < 400

I'm moving to Toronto next month and hope to find a good doctor there. I would appreciate if someone recommend me a good doctor in Toronto.

I will go for another test before I leave New York next month..


Meds are a long way off for you Raj...  Plenty of time to settle in to a new country... Kick back and live "alotle"!


Great lab results. My first VL test also came back as <400 copies, so they ordered an ultrasensitive test, detectability threshold of 50 copies, and that showed my VL to be 70 copies. Maybe you want to consider an ultrasensitive VL test next time round?

Did you go on INH before you tested positive? Or did your doctor suggest that you take anti-TB meds because you're poz?


I started INH 15 days after I was diagnosed positive. The blood work showed latent TB in my body.


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