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I'm very worried...please help me with advice ASAP!

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I went to a strip club in Tijuana 2 weeks ago. While I was getting a lap dance from a fully nude stripper, she rubbed her vagina with her fingers, and used the same fingers to rub my penis. Specifically she rubbed her fingers on the opening of my penis and she gave me a hand job. She also did this with her saliva. I just read that HIV has been increasing at alarming rates in Tijuana. Should I be worried about any possible exposure to HIV? What about other possible STDs?

This is the stupidest thing I've done, and I have a gf. I don't want to give her anthing. Is it warranted for me to test for HIV? Thanks


Mastrubation is a non-risk activity for HIV, no matter where her hand/fingers had been previously. And saliva is not infectious.

Use condoms and water-safe lube for vaginal and/or anal intercourse and you'll be safe.

And I gotta say that if getting a lap dance is the dumbest thing you've ever done then you're a pretty smart guy. Read through the lessons section on this website and get even smarter.

(Who loves lapdances)

Andy Velez:
Tommy, your question has been moved over to this section. It's inappropriate for you to be posting in any of the HIV+ sections. You are NOT HIV+ so stay out of them. And please keep anything you have to say in this one thread.

Masturbation such as you have described including your details is not in any way a risk for HIV transmission. What IS a risk in this 26th year of the epidemic is for you to know so little about the basics of transmission. That's a luxury no one who's sexually active can afford. Read the lesson on Transmission on this site and you will get all the basics there. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

You have no cause for concern about HIV in relation to this incident nor any need for testing.

Mr. Velez, I apologize for posting in the wrong forum. I guess when you have concerns on your mind, you don't really think straight. I understand that mutual masturbation doesn't pose a risk for HIV, however i'm not sure if you're overlooking my statement. Although she used her hand on me, she used the same fingers to rub her vagina, immediately after which she proceeded to give me a hand job and I distinctly remember her rubbing her fingers (the same ones she used to rub her vagina) on my urethra. Can't the HIV virus penetrate my urethra putting me at risk? I mean isn't that how HIV is spread through heterosexual sex? To make matters worst, I read a couple of articles dated early 2006 indicating that HIV rates have been increasing at alarming rates in Tijuana, and this woman is pretty much considered a sex worker if she's giving handjobs in a strip-club. Does your assessment change? Thank you soo much..

Andy Velez:
Tommy, do yourself a favor and take a nice deep and slow breath right now. I mean it. No kidding. And let it out slowly. And then do it again. And remember to do that everytime your mind gets you tensing up about this stuff, which it might do for a while, even though you absolutely were not at risk during this incident.

If (and this is a big if), IF the woman you were with was actually HIV positive, her fluids which would be of concern are in the cervical area, way further up from where either her fingers or yours would reach. Additionally, HIV is a fragile virus and doesn't survive well in the air. So the idea you have mistakenly got that somehow fluids would then pass on HIV to you through your urethra by hand has absolutely no basis in HIV science.

Believe me if there was any doubt on our part  we would say so. We are not careless about what we talk about in terms of risk.

If you haven't already read the lesson on transmission or even if you have, read it again. You get all the basics there. You were not at risk for HIV in this situation, no way, no how.



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