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Hi there,

I am in Asia and I needed advice to cool a worried mind.

Last Saturday, I had a body massage given to me by a working lady. She was rubbing her body up and down my body. With that, her vagina and my penis came into contact via the rubbing actions.

There was a single occurrence that due to the movements, my penis head entered her but I pulled it out instantly.

I am not sure if testing is warranted in this situation.  ???

Thanks for the advice.

no its not.  Even if the head dipped into the vagina for a second it wasn't exposed to the very deep cervical secretions that would even make this a very low risk activity. The outer lips of the labia produce a different secretion that would not put you at a risk to even warrent testing. You are fine. peace.

daveh98, do not post in any threads other than your own.

bad-decision, you were not at risk by the situation you discribed. 

Frottage is not a risky behavior for HIV transmission.

You're fine. Enjoy all the massages and hand-jobs you can afford  :D



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