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NIH2 Travelogue, Part I, with Love, from Zeph

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Dear AM Family

Firstly, a BIG Thank You to my 'sis' and kindred spirit Zephyr. It has been a huge blessing in my life that we have found one another ( Thank you Florencia).

I am a man generally few words and am grateful to Zeph for having the eloquence of words, heart and spirit to have captured our trip so beautifully. Our weekend was amazing and Minh is the ultimate friend, I could never speak highly enough of him. It was a tremendous privilege to have met with Stephen Migueles at the NIH. He is a man of incredible dedication and passion to our cause.

Our fledgling Zephyr Foundation has given us the ability to continue in our efforts to participate in the research projects that Zeph and I are involved with. Many thanks to our AM family members who contributed to the Foundation and the many more whose good wishes and kind thoughts sustain us as travel about participating in these studies.

Zephyr and I are, as many of you know, committed to helping in any way we can to find a cure or vaccine. We have and will continue traveling many miles in our united quest. There are others here who have not yet spoken about their participation, they are also to be thanked openly, warmly and with great gratitude.

With Peace and Love


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