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For Dingo, and Others....

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way too young for me.
my age of consent is about 35 these days.

YA, but I got some cool glasses to wear  on the way....

Lwood, cooking stew whilst hungover on All Saint's Day has taught me one thing...ALCOHOL AND KNIVES DO NOT MIX...please put one of them away!

 OOPS too late...

Now, dont you feel bad for saying that ??
I took your suggestion and put all 12 beers away. ;D, 
I have a Kevlar glove that I wear when Im doing tricky shit with cutting tools, like my new toy, the Mandiline. Thats one scary little piece of French kitchen Technology !! .But then again what do you expect from the folks that brought us the Guillotine. Makes Fabulous salad though, I can slice a cucumber so thin that it only has one side.


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