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For Dingo, and Others....

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For some reason this video was reccomended for people viewing my videoblog....    I like the guy in the middle.

Note. this is an 'Explicit' video and youll need a Youtube account to view it ( Free) You might as well go ahead and get one, since my videoblogs will surely get tagged as 'Explicit' also, but for a different reason....

P.S If its possible to go to Hell for a link, Im on the Express Train.


no offense, but I like my guys old enough to rent a car :)

awww crap... you tube is blocked at work now... so i'll have to wait till i'm home to view dinner :)

As long as youre at it,  this one is for Dingo too....

If that one was a bit too  whatever then you definitely dont want to see ...

who's ticket to HELL has just been upgraded .


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