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I have been dating a sweet HIV + man and have protected intercourse.
One thing that occasionaly happens is he will thrust my vulva with his boxers on. That is just foreplay when we withdraws himself to put his condom on I see that his boxers have precum all over them. Is it possible that he may infect me this way? Also is there no risk from unprotected digital?
I have heard as long as his nails are clean and fingers have no cuts I should be fine, is this all true
Thank You all so much will the ER even dispose a PEP to me?

Andy Velez:
KC, you don't have to be concerned about getting PEP because you haven't done anything with your bf which put you at risk.

His pressing against your vulva with his boxers on is not a risk. I am assuming you mean pressing against you and without penetration. HIV is not spread from precum on his boxers. Nor do you have to be concerned that he is going to infect you through fingering you whether he has nicks or not. Nor whether his fingernails are clean.

Please read the lesson on Transmission on this site. You can find a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section. The main thing you have to be concerned about is that he is always wearing a latex condom when you have intercourse. As long as that is followed everytime you are covered, literally and figuratively, as far as HIV is concerned.

Make sure you two talk openly about any concerns each of you may have about protecting your negative status and indeed anything else about HIV -- without dumping.
That will help to maintain and even deepen your level of intimacy and trust.

So stop worrying. This is not an HIV risk incident.


Hello, last night I was having sex with a HIV+ guy and when he came the condom was still inside of me the ribs were located at my vagina's entrance and no cum was inside of me. He felt really bad, I told him not to worry the condom was intact and the fact that he is on meds., the condom was intact, and that he came outside of me was reassuring that everything was OK.
Now I wonder, does this situation warrent PEP?
The condom was intact, his viral load is undetectable, and he pulled-out.  I wish I could draw it for you but the condom's ribs were still outside, and if it had happened during the session then they would of probably been pushed inside, the condom was partially outside.
He told me he could get his PEP prescription from his doctor and I would take it for 28 days but I am wondering if I should or not.
Your help would be very encouraging, thank you.

Please keep all your questions and concerns in your orginal thread. Please take time to read the posting guidelines found in the "Welcome" thread at the top of this forum.


If no cum got inside you, then you did not have a risk. Please read through the three condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use condoms with confidence.



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