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Sure I am infected, scared, need some advice quick please

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I am currently aprox 30 days from what I thought was protected sex with a SW.  I had alot to drink, but I thought I was protected.   I am so scared right now, and have no one to turn to.  About 3 weeks after I have/had every ARS sysmptoms.  At exactly 3 weeks I had a fever that spiked to 101.5 for 3 days.  My throat hurt for 3 days and my tonsils have been swollen for 1 week with pus (still swollen).  I had a rash on my groin area with smal red bumps,  I had 3 red bumps on my torson which went away in a couple days.  Everytime I swallow or see my tonsils it reminds me I am inftected.  I may have lymph nodes present under my jaw.

What are the chances of all these symptoms three weeks from possible infection when I have every ARS symptoms?  It just could not be.

I had a whole battery of tests at 24 days. I do not have mono or strep.   All std's and hiv were neg.  Although it sounds like the hiv test done then is next to worthless.  I need some advice.  I am so scared.  Please send some encourgagment if you have any, i dont think there is any hope of not being infected right now....

We don't do the symptom thing here. You cannot, CANNOT diagnose HIV through symptoms, or through the internet - let alone both.

Drinking and casual sex with partners of unknown status is far riskier than most people believe, until they wake up not knowing whether the condom broke, whether they actually used one, et al.

Though in all likelyhood you were protected, I would recommend an HIv test at 13 weeks past your incident before you resume unprotected penetrative sex with your partner.

Just got 27 day neg antibody test.  I know I have to wait 13 weeks.  Is this at all suggestive of a neg result in the future or is it pointless to test this early.

I guess a 27 day test is a good indicator, since the average time to seroconversion is 22 days. But we really are splitting hairs here.

Like I said, you were most likely totally protected. My only testing recommendation is based on your stated uncertainty. Better safe than sorry, right?

In which case, your only real indicator will come at the six week mark, and then of course, the 1 week test is considered conclusive. I don't see the point of testing between now and then.

Thank you.  I cannot tell you how much your advice means to me.  Take care and be well.....


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