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It takes alot to piss me off, this did.

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Does this piss you off more than say atrocities by the US on unarmed civilians? Not to be looking for a fight but the biggest reason we liberals are so against what is happening is our leader feels there are no consequences to his war. I don't understand how a nation that choose to liberate itself feels the need to take over others- too bad Haiti or Tibet doesn't have oil.

Wise words!  Funny, though, how fifty people dead in London plus fifty dead in Madrid;  and two thousand and counting more dead on the U.S. side compare to the more than one hundred thousand  innocent Iraiqi civilians killed by the U.S. and British Armies (some during the unlawful invasion of Iraq) and the bombs of the so-called terrorists!  It seems to me that these innocents' deaths,  which go on daily in Iraq,  don't ...""piss people off""... as much!  Is there a reason for that? Or is it that Iraqi's lives are deemed less valuable than Westerners?
As for the so-called terrorists, I say this: ""If I was an Iraq citizen,  and my country had been invaded by a bunch of Westerners who basically violated every single rule in International Law; who went against the representatives of all the nations of the world (The U.N.) and lied --- emphasis on 'lied' --- to this same organization, well, you bet I'd take up arms to defend my country from the invaders!""  And this regardless of the reason they chose to invade my country: be it oil or democracy! In other words, the U.S. unlawful invasion of this country may have created thousands of new ...""terrorists?""
Also, I'd say this is a blatant example of what you get when you elect to the White House  a bunch of uneducated, wild cowboys. 
Every time the American president travels around the globe nowadays,  there are thousands and thousands of people protesting his visit.  Whenever he visits some place other than the U.S., he brings anger, dispair, revolt and rage to the places he visits.  America, today, must be one of the most hated countries in the world ---  and unfairly so!  The great American people do not deserve this.

P.S. Just before Bush's arrival in Vienna there was a poll throughout Europe regarding his visit.  The great majority of Europeans --- even the English --- affirmed that the American president is the number one threat to world peace today...

Does this war have something to do with oil? Of course. Was it an oil grab by US? Please,dont make me laugh. Was the war some scheme to enrich Haliburton, a company that Cheney was ceo of before he was chosen as VP? That is insane. Haliburton has been the choice of every administration since the 1950s for no bid contracts. Cheney owns no stock in the company,he sold it before the election.
Terrorism doesnt appear to be our biggest enemy, it could be ignorance.


--- Quote from: jack on June 20, 2006, 03:35:38 PM ---I am and always have been for option three. I dont think bringing democracy to the middle east is worth one US life. Option three would have stopped Iran, Syria, and Korea from being a pain in the ass. They would have all pulled a Khadafi. Under Option three US casualties would have been a few hudred and Iraqi casualties would have  been massive. Thats WAR!

--- End quote ---

I too like Option 3. 

When we took out Abu Musab al-Zarqawi recently, the news pumped up the "civilian casualties"...  The first thing I thought to myself was, Why are these people hanging out with Zarqawi?  They know his head was wanted!  To bad they died, but it was there own fault for hanging out with this guy.

If this guy even got near me... I'd be hiking it right out of there ASAP!!!

Some were probably his buddies, and yeah, it's hard to feel bad for them, (as I'm sure they were involved in terrorising Iraqis).   But some were also family members, a wife who probably had little choice in the matter and children, who definitely didn't have any choice in the matter.  Does that mean what the troops did were wrong?  Not necessairly (depending on your point of view, of course).  But you should always try to minimize innocent casualties.  I have faith that the troops do try to take the necessary precautions to reduce the killing of innocent individuals, but with this type of warefare (well with any type of war) that's easier said than done.

And to be honest, I don't think the US troops are involved in a lot of innocent Iraqi deaths (of course there are a few bad apples and innocent casulaties of war).  However, the vast majority of the deaths from the civilian populations, is coming from insurgent activity, not from the coalition forces.  I think it's unfair to blame the soldiers for the continuing (and mounting) deaths of Iraqis.  They are actually trying to stop it.


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