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It takes alot to piss me off, this did.

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I was really hoping this would turn out differently. Fuck.

Andy Velez:
Yes, well it was like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Very, very painful to think of their deaths and of their final moments.

Violence and death just keeps happening there. What a terrible, tragic mess.

And please don't anyone come back at me with explanations for why we need to be there.


Yeah, It also pissed me off when
They killed Robert Kennedy in the name of Allah for his support of Israel as a state. Personally, I wish we could have made some kind of deal with the Jews and traded them Israel for the big Island of Hawaii or maybe a US state. Whose idea was it give the Jews a state in the middle east? dumb,very freaking dumb.
Munich pissed me off.
It pissed me off when they kidnapped our people in Iran
It pissed me off when they bombed the Marines in Beirut
It pissed me off when they bombed the US african embassies
It pissed me off when they hijacked numerous airliners over the past 30 years
It pissed me off when they threw the guy in the wheelchair off the ocean liner.
It pissed me off when they dragged our soldiers,who were there trying to feed the starving masses,through the filthy streets of Mogadishu
It pissed me off when the bombed the the WTC in early 90s
It pissed me off when they attacked and murdered US men and women on the US Cole
They pissed me off on 911.
It really pisses me off when some Americans compare our treatment of prisoners with theirs or as the reason for these acts of horror.
This is what these people do. They will continue to do it till we kill them all. They are committed to our destruction. Our enemy has the idea that our resolve is weak and incidents like todays will hasten our departure and our defeat. The only way to defeat your enemy or keep your enemy in check is if he believes you are willing to do him worse than he is to you.  The Germans and Japanese believed and they surrendered.
We must make these murderous fuckers believe.

It is a terrible shame. It has always been and it will continue to always be.

but try and compare the numbers to Normandy. I don't think anyone could tell the children of those soldiers that there fathers lives were not worth as much as the soldiers today. War is terrible but live and let live does not exist. It goes against human nature and the ability for the stronger to survive.

I don't like it but lives were given before so Americans could live, lives will always be given.

Joe K:
I've tried to stay neutral in Iraq, other than opposing the war.  But the actions of the insurgents, or more accurately, the insurgent murders, leds me to believe that we need to start warning Iraqs' to get out of certain cities, where insurgents hide and then level the city and everyone in it.

Do that a few times and see how fast the citizens give up these cowards.  I still believe the Iraqi's could handle more of these problems, but I expect they won't until we go home.

We have no business there, never did, so let's get the hell out.  If the Iraqi's want peace so bad, then let them work with it and sacrifice their soldiers to fight the insurgent murders.


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