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can someone advise if sheepskin condoms provide any protection at all against hiv. also, do they look similar to latex or are they completely different? and what kind of packaging do they come in? i am asking because i was with someone and used a condom that felt a bit different. it had a similar package to latex and looked the same but i am not sure.


Lamb skin does not protect against HIV. They don't look or feel like latex. Most people won't by lamb skin condoms because they are to expensive. Yes, they come in the same kind of pack.

Wouldnt lamb skin provide at least some protection, if not as effective as latex?

Only against pregnancy not HIV nor other STDs. The pores in the lamb skin are to large to prevent HIV and STD transmission.

i dont get it. how can they be effective against pregnancy and not hiv? presumably they are effective against pregnancy because the semen is prevented from entering the women. isn't that how hiv is passed on, via the fluids and in this case the semen. so if semen can't get through then how is hiv transmitted?
also, if you're wearing the sheep skin condom are the pores so large that vaginal fluids seep through or is it something that they figured out under lab conditions but just doesn't happen in the real world.


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