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I'm about to be off!


To New Hope!

Silly little town on the NJ/PA border that is notorious for many things. xD. In the 70s it was popular with HIPPIES. And even today there are like fifty thousand infinity head shops there. Wahaha.

It's on the river, so, there are cute places to eat. It's fun to walk around town because a) hippies b) gawth kids c) HARDCORE punkish people :P d) flamboyant gays e) the drag queens run amuck at night.

So, my ex (we're friends. really.) is picking me up in a littttttle bit and we're heading off. Gonna get breakfast here, somewhere, drive there, spend the WHOOOOOLE day. When we get there (an hour later) we'll probably just walk around and look at the river and stuff cause it's pretteh. And then we'll get lunch. Maybe ice cream after that. Annnnd. Then SHOPPING. In which I spend his money.  :D The whole point of going there is the stores they have, where you can buy pretty much anything. We'll do that all that and then get dinner there, stay to people watch a bit (cause they aaaall come out at night, eek) and then drive home.
:) Yay.

Sounds like a nice day. Have fun kiddo !


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