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I received a hand job by a woman three days ago  and  had a orgasm on her hand I then noticed she had scratches on her hand.I don't know her health situation but could I get the HIV virus from this action.Also I have taken a  HIV home health test and am waiting results.Did I  not allow enough time from the  hand job to the test seeing that only three days pass ? Thank You for your help--- Trust   Does any one else have any input on my question? Thank you Trust

This is not a risk for HIV infection.  Hiv is fragile and difficult to transmit and is only transmitted INSIDE the body.  You did not need to test.

Thank for your help


As already stated handjobs pose no risk for HIV infection - in fact handjobs are also safe in terms of other STDs that are far easier to catch (things like Herpes, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea).

In answer to your question - 3 days would be fine to know you HIV status since you were not at risk from this incident. Should you ever have a real risk (read through the introduction material of this site to learn about those risks and how to protect yourself) then you should wait 3 months prior to taking an HIV test.

But again, in your case, you had absolutely no risk of infection and your test results will accurately reflect your current HIV status.


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