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Lets Destroy Some Denim !!

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In the 'What Goes Around Comes Around' world of Fashion, Ripped faded and generally Trashed Out looking jeans have come back 'In' over the last couple of years. Anything 'good' is easily over a hundred bucks- which I Aint coughing up- not when Ive got plenty of ink stained, ripped and otherwise F**ked up jeans in the back of the closet. I picked up a package of RIT Color Remover yesterday and plan on a little 'Do it Yourself' denim destruction on a pair of Levis ( good ones, back when they were still made in the USA !) that I spilled some bleach on years ago and pretty much never wore again...  Any suggestions??  I definitely dont want to use that crap in the washing machine, no matter how 'safe' the package says it is,  so I figure Ill just fill the Utility Sink in the Garage up and soak them in there, then possibly complete the look with a wire brush job , then possibly get a little Jackson Pollack with some beet Juice, Wine and possibly housepaint,.... I recently saw a shirt that had been spray paint stenciled .... for like $250. so I guess a little Rust-Oleum wont hurt either...
Cliff, Wanna mail me your $600 shirt ? I could add some value, maybe with some '70s  velvet Iron on letters or some fake Tattoos we could get it worth a cool Grand. ;D
Yep, A few cold ones, and Ill be in the mood for this. Good subject for my next Videoblog too. Might as well pick up some Converse Chuck Taylors and fuck them up too to match, maybe drag them behind my truck for a few miles  just for good measure.
Anyway I need some more suggestions  from some of the fashionably creative folks here, three pairs of Levis are up for 'modification' .  I also have a pair of Doc Martens that I wore as Work Boots for a couple of years -and look like it-  ( BTW they arent all that comfortable, maybe for styling around a Mall in Suburbia, but for a 12 hour shift in a commercial printing plant, they suck..)  any suggestions for them? maybe replace the laces with speaker wire or something.

who is getting in touch with his 'inner Punk' today...

P.S, I just remembered that I also have some Muratic Acid handy, I wonder what THAT shit does to denim ??? :P

Cut the front ply of the fly off, exposing the buttons or zipper.

Lwood I think I will FedX you my ain't been touched since the 80's. ;)

What is a Bedazzler ? <shudders>  is it advertised in the back of Honcho magazine? or is that just the Dazzler, I forget.

I wonder where I can locate a Reyataz  Iron On ? Ill probablly have to get some Iron on material for my printer and make my own, might as well do a Biohazard too while Im at it....on the ass ofcourse. It will solve my ongoing dilemma of what to wear for a clinic visit... ::)

Shameless self promo here, but I did a videoblog to lead up to the denim Massacre in the making..


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