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SCAM !!!!!!!

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Hello everyone

I just wanted to let you all know about a scam going on. It is being done by someone who says they are from this site. She is a D. Her name is Sussy Kamara. She is asking for money and help for her family. I know that when we put our email address out for everyone to see it shouldn't mean that we will get emails from people saying they are from this site and trying to scam people.

I just wanted everyone to be aware of this. I am kinda of still online, and am trying to get my internet up and running again soon so i can come back here full time. I miss you all.

Love Wendy

Yeah she told me she was from the Sussy Foundation >:(

Yeah, I got it too...but I get on average about 3 of those posts from "Africa" every week and just know to delete them now.  The seemingly impossible thing is to get off the mailing list...

Have you guys reported these posts to the Mods?
Any time you receive such scams/spam, you should let the Goderators know.

"she" has been hitting all over the web. Its another one of those Nigerian things.


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