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He has done this immediately after the incident. They have taken the blood sample of the patient and sent it to a lab in Guatemala City for testing. We are now concerned about the possibility of a HIV infection. Is it very high?



As I mentioned in my first post, I don't think the possibility is very high, no. A suture needle is not hollow bore and even with hollow bore needles, not every needle stick results in infection. The number that do is very low for hollow bore needles and I've never read of a case involving transmission via suture needle. I recommend testing only as a precaution and only if the patient's test result comes back positive.

Also as I said previously, hepatitis (B or C) is a more realistic possibility and I certainly hope this is being looked into as well. Any form of hepatitis is much more infectious (than hiv) where blood contact is concerned.


Your friend would behoonve himself by taking a course in infectious disease of ALL sorts, including blood-borne pathogens, either thorugh a university internet or at his clinic. Needle sticks are a VERY common occurance. It's going to happen again.

In places like Quatamala, doing voluinteer work, ignorance is NOT bliss. And being a well-meaning and religiously motivated volunteer will make scant difference to the pathogens with thich he comes across. Frankly, whomever let him ship himself off to another country without full knowledge of pathogenic structure and prevention did an irresponsible thing. Let's hope that he does not add hepatitis, malaria, and/or TB to his list of accomplishments in the volunteer arena.


The patient's test result came back positive for HIV. According to my friend, he stuck himself with the needle quite deep. The doctor in charge has suggested him to take PEP treatment at about one week after the incident.

Is the PEP treatment too late for him? How long should it last? What else should he do?


if pep is to be effective it must be begun within 72 hours.  Preferably asap after possible exposure.   After a week pep will be of no use.  I can't imagine a doctor recommending starting it after a week.

a pep regimen lasts 30 days and is very difficult to complete for many people.  (these are the same drugs most of us positives take every day).  these are some of the most toxic and side effect causing drugs available.

I definitely go with everything ann has said.  Something isn't right in the state of denmark.  Of course, that is why we recommend that the actual person with the concerns post here and not third parties on their behalf.


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