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I'm sorry that this friend does not have access to the Internet down there. Even PEP is not available at the clinic. He has to go to another town to get the treatment.

The test result of the source patient only came back today, and I guess the doctor did not take this seriously until the patient was tested positive for HIV. Thank you for your concern anyway.

I have a question here to ask: based on the information above, what is the probability of him getting infected without the PEP treatment?

asking the same question again and again will only get you the same answer which i'll quote what the wise and revered ann has spent precious time already posting:

--- Quote ---As I mentioned in my first post, I don't think the possibility is very high, no. A suture needle is not hollow bore and even with hollow bore needles, not every needle stick results in infection. The number that do is very low for hollow bore needles and I've never read of a case involving transmission via suture needle. I recommend testing only as a precaution and only if the patient's test result comes back positive.

Also as I said previously, hepatitis (B or C) is a more realistic possibility and I certainly hope this is being looked into as well. Any form of hepatitis is much more infectious (than hiv) where blood contact is concerned.

--- End quote ---

The answers wont change from that.

I'm sorry for repeating my question. I'm getting extremely worried about all these. The needle stuck into his thumb pretty deep and there was visible blood on the needle. I guess these details would probably increase the possibility somehow.

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it.


Dingo is absolutely correct when he says that it is far too late for PEP to be any use.

I still believe the chance of your friend being infected from this incident is remote - although not completely impossible. As it is now too late for PEP, the only thing that can be done is testing at the appropriate time.

As the vast majority of people who have actually been infected will seroconvert and test positive by six weeks, a test at this point will be an excellent indication of your friend's true hiv status. A negative result at six weeks needs to be confirmed at the 12-13 week point.

Tell your friend we here at said we wish him good luck, and also tell him to try to not get too stressed out while he waits to test. The odds are in his favour of testing negative.

Feel free to keep us posted.



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