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A bonding experience

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Someone on a different message board I post to, a gay gamer forum, had this to say about HIV.

--- Quote ---there were others who seemed to view this as a gay "rite of passage". it was very much akin to being "sired" by a vampire into his clan. in the way of twisted logic, it gave them some sort of familial claim and a sense of relevance to the world around them ("i was "made" and "chosen" by this giver). funny that they are both hemocytic based "viruses".
--- End quote ---

Someone else responded with this, which I found very interesting.

--- Quote ---Oddly enough, I think this happens from becoming HIV positive period. I know that I now have this insane connection to the guy that I got HIV from. He didn't know that he had it, and passed it on to me unknowingly. So its not the same, but I still feel connected to him. And I haven't talked to him in 10 years.
--- End quote ---

What do you guys think?  Do you feel a strong connection to the person who gave it to you?  My seroconversion was only 10 months ago, and I was with the guy until just a few weeks ago, so I still think about him all the time.  I was wondering about those of you for whom it's been a bit longer.


Wow, funny you bring up the whole vampire/sire thing because I have thought of it in those terms exactly. But it was more like she was Drucilla and I'm Angel...infected with evil but fighter for good! All in all this thinking is but a side effect of watching too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I still think about her. She lived right across the street from me. I haven't seen her since that night and I only talked to her a few times since then. I know she moved away awhile ago. She was pretty wild. She seemed to have alot of problems as far as I could tell. And well, she was quite good looking, and sometimes I comfort myself that at least the sex was really great. Sometimes I think of her pretty negatively, and sometimes I wonder and hope she's okay. I imagine she's the type of person that would drown her diagnosis in alcohol and drugs. But I walk by that building all the time. Yeah, it makes for a really odd connection with a person. How could I ever forget her?


In my case I don't have a clue who passed on HIV to me. The strongest connection I have is with my HIV- partner and would not like to share the virus with him


--- Quote from: Markmt on June 20, 2006, 03:29:22 AM ---In my case I don't have a clue who passed on HIV to me.
--- End quote ---

same here, thus I have no such bond. but my gut tells me the person passed it on unintentionally and it's water under the bridge now

I wonder about the person that wrote the original message in question ,  and whether they are HIV + or just  some message board hack. 
I dont see HIV as a Right of Passage, or a Deep Bonding Experience akin to a Fairy Tale Vampire Transformation or some kind of Golden Wonka Ticket that gives  you permission to sit at the Cool Kids Table or a Lifetime Season Pass to the EXtreeme  Pity Party.
 Give me a fucking break.
Will you feel a deep bond with the next person that gives you a Cold?  Will You say with a congested snot packed voice, " Yes, it was HE who Made me and we are forever linked" < SNEEZE >
" Can You hand me some Puffs, Mortal ?"

Its a disease with an undeniable stigma, and I think that some people romanticise it to take the edge off, but it doesn't work for me. Its a disease, not a Hit Point in Dungeons & Dragons, and I treat it as such. Nothing More, and nothing Less
As for the person that I got HIV from, at this point I really have no emotions at all.
And if I want to Bond with the person responsible, well, the mirror is right over the lavitory.


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