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Hi all,

I thought I had left my fear behind but I am back again. I recently had another round of blood tests and came up positive for EBV. This is 14 months after my negative EBV test. I am scared that this could also be the case for HIV. I cant see why I would take 14 months to show antibodies for EBV. I am now really scared that my HIV test will now be differnt. Should I test again just to be sure. My last rapid test was at 14 months post exposure.


You have no reason to retest. You are negative.


You were told repeatedly in the old forum that you tested negative for a no-risk situation.

You had no risk of hiv through kissing.

If you have questions about your EBV you'll have to ask your doctor. This is an hiv site and you do not have hiv. Your test results prove that conclusively - and you had no risk in the first place.


Hi Ann,

Look I'm so sorry I'm back. But just reading about the guy who became infected by oral in another post has got me worrying again about the 1 in a million chance. I know that there is a very small risk but I am still really worried. I have been off work for 4 months now and am still scared to be intimate with my wife. I have used the tests 4 times as you know. I am really worried because my initial EBV test came up neg, now it is pos. My Dr is really puzzled by this. Do you think that the prostitute could have been highly infectious

Giving a blowjob is much different than kissing someone.

if you haven't already...

Please be sure to read the

You are trying to add 2+2 and getting 17 (normally 5, but this is such a completely different situation, i upped the number)

That person's case has NO bearing on your case at all.


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