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"A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story"


Anyone watch(ing) this?

Looks interesting.'s Lifetime...but what the hell, there's nothing else on...and how bad can it be with Mercedes Reuhl? 

Haven't watched yet.  I TIVO'd it.

I watched it.    A very sad story......

I liked her mother a LOT

I watched the show last night. Growing up gay wasn't easy. Living with HIV isn't easy. But I can not imagine what a transexual has to go through every day of their lives. What happened to Gwen was a tragic thing.  It hurt me to see that her life ended the way it did. I hope that beautiful person has finally found the peace she searched for her entire life.

Did you know that transexuals recieve the worst health care of any segment of the population in the United States. I forget where I read that but I can see how that could be true. Talk about fighting stigma, prejudice.

I have a lot of respect for a person that is transgendered. It takes a strong person to live that life.



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